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There are some key steps to getting on-line and G2web can guide you through the process.

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New companies start up every day and G2web has already supported local Lutterworth firms.

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G2web can take you through the full process to get your business on the web


If you are new to the web, there is a process of certain key stages that you have to go through to get a web site established.


1. Register a domain name, this is the www.yourcompanyname. (, or com, or biz, etc)


2. The domain name needs to be put somewhere, hosted, by an Internet Service Provider (ISP)


3. You need to build the site, this is the style, content (words and graphics) that you want to use to represent your business or organisation


4. Once the site is built and loaded under your domain name onto the ISP site, then you are visible to the world. It is important to keep your site up to date, so regular maintenance is key to keeping your site of interest to your clients and prospects


5. Get the analytics working so you can see who is looking at your website


G2web can take care of all of these stages, working with you to ensure that your web site is just how you want it. To discuss this process in more detail contact us directly via email or phone.


Let us take work out of the web for you and allow you to focus on your business


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Up and running fast

We can normally get a site up an running in a week... do you know what you want?

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Get your business moving

The sooner you are on-line the quicker you can attract new clients and boost your revenues.

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Over 20 years experience in the web design business we provide honest and open advice.

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